50-22 39th Avenue Woodside, NY 11377 Sun & Mon: 10AM-11PM | Tue: CLOSED | Wed & Thu: 10AM-11PM | Fri - Sat: 10AM-12AM (718) 507-4591


20 years of Excellence



Donato's has been a family oriented and family operated business since it open its doors on April of 1999. With the owners having more than 20 years of experience in Italian cuisine, Donato's has been able to serve the best of the best to its customers. Starting from its hand-made pizza, following its exquisite variety of pasta options, and expanding to its weekly specials, Donato's can satisfy any craving for the Italian food lover.

With 75-person seating, Donato's Restaurant can accommodate your event on all sorts of occasions; make your reservations today. Donato's also provides delivery for you to enjoy your food right at your home. If you are having a party, you can choose from our extensive catering menu and we will deliver it right to your door. We at Donato's are always happy to serve you.


our happy customers!

  • Donatos absolutely nails traditional New York Italian food. Great pizza, delicious entrees. I just had salmon stuffed with crab meat,... read more

    Sara Parrish Avatar
    Sara Parrish

    Had an incredible outdoor dining experience here a few weeks ago. Staff was incredible, food was just as good. We... read more

    Alyssa Zahler Avatar
    Alyssa Zahler

    The person on the phone was very attentive and she answered all my questions. The food was excellent!

    nancy flores Avatar
    nancy flores
  • best pizza ever and the staffs are mad nice I would def recommend this spot

    sebastian sanchez Avatar
    sebastian sanchez

    Delicious food, great delivery. A neighborhood staple.

    Jennifer Turay Vehling Avatar
    Jennifer Turay Vehling

    Good food and nice people

    Javier rojas Avatar
    Javier rojas
  • Very friendly service and great food

    Suleyman Kucur Avatar
    Suleyman Kucur

    if you want to try an authentic taste of New York pizza. this is the place. the flavor... read more

    Ignacio Sanchez Avatar
    Ignacio Sanchez

    Ordered a Large Pie of Margherita and mozzarella sticks.everything was ok. The only thing I never understood that why they... read more

    Ahmet Küçük Avatar
    Ahmet Küçük
  • Be ready for some excellent service.

    Flash LaSmoke Avatar
    Flash LaSmoke

    Nice food, nice service, good house wine.

    Lizeth Portugal Avatar
    Lizeth Portugal

    The service and food was great! Old school feel. Warm bread to begin with. Our meals came out nice and... read more

    Melissa Hernandez Avatar
    Melissa Hernandez
  • Classic, nostalgic Italian eatery that tastes incredible.

    T.C. Lind Avatar
    T.C. Lind

    Donatos, Donatos, Donatos! Amazing Restaurant what can I say. Everytime I come here the food is always good, the atmosphere... read more

    John Axel Avatar
    John Axel

    Absolutely loved this place. The food, the wine, the music.

    Leonel Ching Avatar
    Leonel Ching
  • Great food and service

    R. Khan Avatar
    R. Khan

    The penne with vodka sauce was absolutely amazing! Donatos is gem of a restaurant located in Sunnyside, Queen's Ny. The... read more

    Kim Ponce Avatar
    Kim Ponce

    Amazing pizza and salad

    Caroline Ying Avatar
    Caroline Ying
  • Delicious food and stellar service. One time, the bus boy accidentally threw away my extra food I wanted to take... read more

    Crystal Wolfe Avatar
    Crystal Wolfe

    Love this place. Service is great and very attentive.

    Rosa Ma. Santander Fernández Avatar
    Rosa Ma. Santander Fernández

    A family staple since childhood. Some of the best pizza in Queens and their italian Ice yes please!

    Samm .E. Hernandez Avatar
    Samm .E. Hernandez
  • They make good pizza. If you do visit I recommend asking them to make pizza crunchy, that's how I personally... read more

    Prajwol Thapa Avatar
    Prajwol Thapa

    Nice place. Delicious food. Great Music and staff.

    Maribel M. Rivera Avatar
    Maribel M. Rivera

    Loved it. Food was excellent and service very attentive and staff was very nice even when we didn't have a... read more

    Emilio Perez Avatar
    Emilio Perez
  • Toasty Pizza 🍕!

    Jaime Guzman Avatar
    Jaime Guzman

    Great food and great service!! Awesome neighborhood staple!! 🙌💪

    Simon Fernandez Jr. Avatar
    Simon Fernandez Jr.

    We love the Seafood Combination in Fradiavolo Sauce. Always amazing !!! If you like seafood & spicy, this dish is... read more

    Lisset Basalo Avatar
    Lisset Basalo
  • Service here was amazing. Very attentive staff.. and the food was delicious! Recommend the carbonara pasta with chicken.

    Jamie Cutrone

    a nice small restaurant. nice atmosphere. and good service. I enjoy the food here every time I order from here.... read more

    Shawn Espinoza Avatar
    Shawn Espinoza

    I can not even begin to say just how much I really love this place! Good place and the rates... read more

    Jessie Desouza Avatar
    Jessie Desouza
  • I love this lil local treasure. Ive had their penne alla vodka and beef patty.

    Samantha G Avatar
    Samantha G

    I celebrated my PhD yesterday in this great place. happy to tell that we had a superb evening and the... read more

    Jeffery Parsons Avatar
    Jeffery Parsons

    Always friendly when I call to place an order - and absolutely DELICIOUS. A neighborhood staple.

    Jill Goldstein Smith Avatar
    Jill Goldstein Smith
  • Love Donatos..fresh food..fast service..nice people❤🤗

    Lurdes Villegas Avatar
    Lurdes Villegas

    Love coming here for a sit-down meal or ordering take out. Have tried many pizza places in the area and... read more

    Nicole Hope Avatar
    Nicole Hope

    Among the last of an old breed. Old world Italian!!!

    Mitchell Paluszek Avatar
    Mitchell Paluszek
  • Right after a day in Sunnyside Gardens, Donato's is a must go. They are so patient with kids, always kind... read more

    Andrea Maldonado Avatar
    Andrea Maldonado

    Best outdoor seating in Sunnyside/Woodside. Fabulous staff!

    Jill O'Sullivan Avatar
    Jill O'Sullivan

    Gorgeous and good food and services..

  • We love the Seafood Combination in Fradiavolo Sauce. Always amazing !!! If you like seafood & spicy, this dish is... read more

    Lisset Basalo Avatar
    Lisset Basalo

    The food was delicious

    Maria Delgado Avatar
    Maria Delgado

    i absolutely love the food service is great ,but most of all the employees are super kind and friendly

    Daniel Ocean Avatar
    Daniel Ocean
  • Lovely place. Really good food at a reasonable price.

    Fabio Alejandro Prado Diaz Avatar
    Fabio Alejandro Prado Diaz

    Delivery has always been great in Sunnyside.

    May A Avatar
    May A

    Great food, great staff! They are doing their best to stay open and deal with the ever changing environment. They... read more

    Jesse Harrison Avatar
    Jesse Harrison
  • Donatos, Donatos, Donatos! Amazing Restaurant what can I say. Everytime I come here the food is always good, the atmosphere... read more

    John Axel Avatar
    John Axel

    Always feel at home. Good food and attentive service

    Ellen Geaniotis Avatar
    Ellen Geaniotis

    For me as a black woman
    They were very friendly with me and
    Treate me with respect
    The pizza ? Finger licking good
    read more

    Jaslin Joseph Avatar
    Jaslin Joseph
  • Donatos is simply a really good restaurant with good food, 5 stars in my opinion. All the people who voted... read more

    Ally Sakanatra Avatar
    Ally Sakanatra

    My birthday celebration was a perfect evening of delicious food, EXCELLENT wine, FANTASTIC service and Miss Maybelle's singing trio. ... read more

    G Smith Avatar
    G Smith

    Good pizza great pasta they deliver and it's not too pricey I highly recommend it.

    Carlos Sanchez Avatar
    Carlos Sanchez
  • Huge slices that are very good

    Craig Taylor Avatar
    Craig Taylor

    Yummy pizza, especially a hot, crispy sicilian. Excellent food and service. I'm adding on, after my original... read more

    Gina DeLorenzo Avatar
    Gina DeLorenzo

    Cozy corner perfect hideout for comfortable dinner

    William Garaicoa Avatar
    William Garaicoa
  • One of our favorite restaurants in Queens. Really good food and most time everything was great. We are there even... read more

    Nina Lipa Avatar
    Nina Lipa

    The food is good and the prices are modest. They also have outdoor seating

    Janier Giraldo Avatar
    Janier Giraldo

    When I lived in Woodside, this was my favorite pizza shop in the area and at the time, all of... read more

    Eddie C Avatar
    Eddie C
  • Went with friends for lunch. Enjoyed the soup and pizza

    Ellena McKnight-Breazu Avatar
    Ellena McKnight-Breazu

    Excellent food and good service

    kristie ortega Avatar
    kristie ortega

    They have an awesome menu selection and they make a really good pizza here too. Must check this place out... read more

    Louis Harrell Avatar
    Louis Harrell
  • Good food. Good atmosphere for dinner.

    Elisa Nieto Avatar
    Elisa Nieto

    Fantastic food, fabulous staff areal homey atmosphere and great prices.

    Teresa Dee Avatar
    Teresa Dee

    The service is okay 8/10. The guy in the front isn't very friendly. Everyone else is wonderful. The prices are... read more

    Leslie Angon Avatar
    Leslie Angon
  • Very good

    Franklin Ortega Avatar
    Franklin Ortega

    I love this restaurant! We ordered salmo scampi and it was very nicely cooked. Very nice service! Simply delicious!

    Indira Fuentes Avatar
    Indira Fuentes

    Although it’s outdoor they have outdoor heaters and the waiters are very friendly. The two personal pies we ordered were... read more

    Andrea Patino Avatar
    Andrea Patino
  • Sat outside. The pizza was absolutely amazing.

    Nikoleta Moulinos Avatar
    Nikoleta Moulinos